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Join the team! The MFA Interaction Design department is looking for a Senior Systems Administrator. It is a full-time role responsible for overseeing the planning, coordinating, integrating, and monitoring all technical and digital aspects for the graduate Interaction Design department, both internally and externally facing.

Some responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the department website, managing any design and functional updates to the website, as well as the workflow for content and asset updates.
  • Support graduate students, faculty, and staff; serve as primary technical liaison for the department for all parties both internal and external.
  • Perform routine system backups; install and maintain Mac applications; diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues.
  • Review industry trends and faculty news to maintain foresight to keep staff and department as current, providing updates in weekly meetings.

For the full list of responsibilities/qualifications and to see if you are a match!!

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