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Steve Duenes Talks Infographics

Leading up to the September release of Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media, Publisher Gestalten’s latest podcast is a glimpse into how graphics are created for The New York Times. Graphics director Steve Duenes and graphics editor Archie Tse talk about graphics journalism, competition for space in the newsroom, and defining an in-house visual style.

They’ve won countless awards for their graphic work, but now it’s time to dive behind what makes America’s most venerated general interest newspaper stand a world apart. Graphics director Steve Duenes and his team of 30-some journalists at The New York Times turn around images at a breakneck daily, if not an hourly, pace, sorting and sifting through reportage to provide the clearest visualization of data possible. How the information is manifested – through diagrams, charts, or interactive media – is up to them, though we’ve grown to trust their authority on all stories, from the sensitive (9/11) to the scientific (a perfect triple axel at the Olympics). In’s latest podcast, we speak with Duenes and graphics editor Archie Tse on location in their New York headquarters to learn a few tricks of the trade.


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