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Student Redux: Interaction 10

Through rain in Georgia and snow storm in Virginia (on the drive back), students have returned from three inspirational days of Interaction 10 to synthesize what they have learned from the industry’s best and brightest. Here’s what they remembered most about the conference and the city of Savannah:

What was your favorite session at the conference?

My favorite session was Ben Fullerton’s talk on Designing for Solitude. At the session Marc Rettig asked “We’re blazing into overconnectedness that was created by us. How do we protect the people who we affect with our design decisions? – Gene LuI loved Greg Vassalo’s talk, 10 Things I Learned About Being a Design Consultant While Living in the Hospital For a Year. The relationship he created between our family lives and our work drove home the value of empathy in interaction design. – Katie KochJon Kolko enthusiastically and clearly explaining the pillars of IxD as they relate to social change, which brought together many of the concepts we have learned at SVA so far. – Colleen MillerMy favorite session was Richard Banks with his talk about how memories will be passed down through the generations and how that media will change over the course of time. – Evinn Quinn!~!image!~!Co-chairs of the conference Bill DeRouchey and Jennifer Bove introduce Interaction 10. What was the most interesting idea you learned about at the conference?Consumerism isn’t dead, but it needs to be so we can move on to a path that is innovative, sustainable, and profitable. (Nathan Shedroff) – Stephanie AaronThat we should be designing our products to reflect human behavior, not mimic it. (Chris Fahey) – Derek ChanDesign something meaningful. – Angela HuangInteraction design manifests itself in ways beyond websites. – John FinleyThinking about designing objects not to be quickly turned over, or even just sustainably replaced, but to attempt to design for longevity — to make electronics that get better with time, not just more out-of-date. – Jeff KirschYour work will change culture, so do work that is meaningful” (Jon Kolko) – Beatriz VizcainoWhat was the best thing you did in Savannah?Arriving exhausted after 14 hours of driving and then heading to a ghost tour pub crawl with a hilarious tour guide was the best welcome to Savannah I could have hoped for. – Clint BeharryMeeting a lot of amazing people who I plan on begging internships from in the near future. – Russ MaschmeyerI had an amazing meal at Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room. I think I’ve finally had authentic southern food! – Eric St. Onge


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