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Students and alumni make the 2014 Interaction Awards Shortlist

Congratulations to current students and alumni who made the 2014 Interaction Awards Shortlist! The Interaction Awards jury announced the shortlist, which included:


Project team: Tyler Davidson, Shelly Ni, gaïa Orain (gaïa is a student in MFA Products of Design)

Nom is a screen-less kitchen projection system that guides cooks through new recipes, kitchen skills, and meal logistics. Utilizing projection technology, Nom works on any flat surface, eliminating the need for screens near the stove and sink. More information and video. Music Under the City Project team: Minni Choi, Sana Rao, Guri Venstad Coming across buskers in the New York Subway system is a delightful experience, but ends up being too fleeting like everything else in the city. We wanted to retain the surprise element while making the music available beyond the buskers actual presence. The MUNY app lets you record the buskers that you come across in the subway, with a geotagged location.  More information and video. Postcard Poets Project team: Sana Rao, Nikki Sylianteng Postcard Poets is a new way to discover poetry from both new and established poets. Selected by our curators, the poetry takes the medium of postcards and is delivered by post to readers across the world.

More information.

What an accomplishment. Congrats to all who entered!

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