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Students win at the first GOOD Design Hackathon

GOOD hosted its first Design Hackathon in New York City last weekend, bringing together over 100 participants, including students from SVA, Yale, Parsons, Carnegie Mellon, and NYU’s ITP.

The participants were challenged to create a learning tool that promotes and supports all of the following goals: meaningful connections, efficient transportation, clever consumption, educational reform, cleaner environments, and smart economics. Five MFA Interaction Design students from both the first- and the second-years participated in the 24-hour hackathon to extend and recreate existing social media platforms.

The Comparators, a team comprised of first-years Tony Chu, Prachi Pundeer and Tom Harman and second-year Michael Yap won the Best in Show award for their concept, Purpose. Purpose brings together consumers, makers, and manufacturers to enable creative reuses for unwanted technology. Makers share creative reuse ideas to a broad community, while the community helps realize their ideas–consumers donate technology otherwise bound for the global waste-stream, and manufacturers practice corporate social responsibility by funding the packaging, shipping, and handling of the reused goods.

Purpose: Re-boxing to donate used technology for reuse
Purpose: Re-boxing to donate used technology for reuse

Purpose: Re-boxing to donate used technology for reuse

Watch the process video for Team Comparators. Find out more about Purpose.

Second-year Tina Ye joined Aliona Katz, Emily Wagenknecht, Eric Schreibner, and Yang Yang to form Team EveryStep, whose concept won the award for Most Innovative. EveryStep is a personal health service and app that empowers individuals to raise money for causes they believe in, every hour of the day. It combines pedometer/run-tracker data and the concept of micro-donations to motivate you to exercise. For every step you run or walk, your friends and loved ones (who are invested in your long-term health) pledge a tiny amount. This inspires you to stay active over time, while spreading awareness and helping nonprofits raise funds in a sustainable, low-cost way.

View the slide deck for EveryStep.

Continue reading about the hackathon, and other winners in GOOD’s official announcement.

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