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Summing Up the Summer Intensive

The first Summer Intensive in Interaction Design wrapped up at the end of July. As such, we talked with two students, Ray DeLaPena and Erin Moore, about how the courses went.

Ray has been a software and systems designer for nearly 10 years before discovering interaction design as a discipline. He took all three tracks in the program and completed three projects in the theme of “time” Erin is a visual designer with formal training in print design and publishing, but had always fostered a strong interest in systems, information design and interdisciplinary projects. She took “Practice of Interaction Design” and worked collaboratively to design a personal alarm clock targeting suburban moms.

Foam clock prototypes on a desk created during a summer intensive workshop.

SVA: After an intensive four weeks, what did you take away from the summer program? RD: There’s a huge range of activities going on around interaction design. If you are passionate, creative, and dedicated to developing your craft, you can contribute to creating beautiful experiences. There is a palpable excitement about the development and direction of this profession. There is good that can come of it if we continue to keep empathy, collaboration, and continuous iterative improvement as core values in our design and the growth of our community.

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