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Entrepreneurial Design, one of our Spring semester classes taught by Gary Chou and Christina Xu, feels like a right of passage.  The first years must launch a Kickstarter project that raises $1,000 and gets 50 backers. More so than anything I’ve experienced so far in the program, EVERYONE is curious about it. 2nd years, instructors, alumni. It was so common to hear questions like “Has your Kickstarter launched yet? What are you doing? Can you send me the link?”

And for good reason. For many of us, it’s the first time we’ve asked for money from people for something WE created. And the course involves lots of public discourse – blog posts, requests for help on twitter, and, of course, the campaign itself.

These new experiences mean there’s a lot of stress of finally letting your creation go into the wild. That’s why our launch day is so meaningful.

March 30th was that day.  

Check them all out, the project run the gamut from VR to vaporwave concerts to bike tours to dog shaped cutting boards.

Pick Me! – A deck of foldable cards that celebrates folk games from all around the world for kids aged 8 to 12.

Recuerdos : Conversations On Death – An interactive social project encouraging connection and transformation through sharing thoughts around death and mourning.

Girl Represent: Give Girls of Color Tools to Get Involved – Workbooks and workshops designed to empower the next generation of girls of color to become leaders in their communities.

Cape Luna: A Beach Town RPG – A simple role-playing game for LGBT gamers about making the most of summer and finding your place in a new community. For Windows.

NetViews: A Streaming Vaporwave Concert & Live AMA Series – NetViews Episodes 1 & 2 featuring WosX, R23X, Broken Reality & Simon Chandler

Outside the Bubble: An Illustrated Travel Journal – A journal designed for travelers to record their experiences in a unique and creative way!

The McKinLeash – the first customizable, utility dog leash – Let’s walk smarter.

AVRA — A tangible virtual reality playroom – We are hosting a two day event where a virtual reality exploratory playroom combines with a physical space.

Bicycle Bites: A bike tour of global dumplings in Brooklyn – Guided bike tours of the international dumplings in Brooklyn. Celebrating biking, diversity, and local businesses.

Origins of the Chinese Dumpling – An event that unfolds the unique story of Chinese dumplings by serving them in the order in which they were invented.

templateNest – Templates to make a website in ~15 minutes! – Website templates to build a website in 15 minutes, using Bulma, a modern CSS framework and swatches from Bulmaswatch (20+ themes)

Doobi Cheeseboard – Doxie-shaped cheeseboard. A product for animals lovers. Handcrafted with love in NYC ❤︎

beacon – making the blind visible at night – A prototype for a universally fitting device that makes walking in crowded cities safer for the blind.

Facetickers – Never lost your charger anymore, Keep the memory in a personalized way, and explore the playful use case.

The Monkey King Board Game – It’s a board game based in Chinese mythology to leisure and hangout with friends during weekends and generate endless topics!

Enable – A R&D project dedicated to understanding the notion of safety and commissioning jewelry designers to create a collection around it

Gadget – Tools to give people superpowers in VR – A set of gadgets that VR developers drag and drop into their project. Each gadget gives users a power (like being able to draw in 3D).