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The Making of a Logo

When it came to creating a logo for Carebook, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. All I (kind of) knew was that I wanted Carebook to give off a sense of nurturing, trust and love for the people using it. And that it would steer clear of looking healthcare-y.As wary as I am of relying on symbols that are too widespread and iconic, I still gravitated toward the the symbol of a heart for Carebook for some reason. I wanted to tinker with it in such a way to make it look like a book, because Carebook. So that was really all I knew I wanted going in. And to say that there’s a straightforward process in designing a logo—or anything, for that matter—would be a lie. In reality, there’s a whole lot of experimentation and trial and error until you somehow land on something that feels right. Here are the 23409101 hearts I drew out: !~!image!~!

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