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The Coroflot Creative Employment Confab

Coroflot, our event partner for the April and May Dot Dot Dot lectures will host the Creative Employment Confab on May 15 at the Art Directors Club in New York City. Join chair of the department, Liz Danzico with Michael Lebowitz, CEO, Big Spaceship; Johnny Vulkan, Partner, Anomaly; and Judy Wert, Executive Recruiter, Wert & Co. in a panel discussion about today’s creative industry and tomorrow’s creative employment.

About the event:
A networking & knowledge-sharing event for creative professionals, the New York Confab is the second installment in our series of networking events geared for people working in all aspects of today’s creative industry. Attendees will have an opportunity to share insights, connections and successes with leading creative and technical professionals and meet with hiring representatives from companies looking for this type of talent.
Visit Coroflot to learn more about or register for the event.

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