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The Tarot Trunk: A Student Project

With the final week of the semester underway, students are busy perfecting final projects, pitches, and presentations.

From Rob Faludi’s class, Fundamentals of Physical Computing, Arduino-powered devices, soldering irons, and layers of wires dominate the studio landscape as students prepare for a second round of final presentations tomorrow. With their fortune-seeking device “Tarot Trunk,” Derek Chan, Russ Maschmeyer, and Eric St. Onge are appealing to the Twitterverse for the final step of their project. After all, interaction design is all about participation.

Wood trunk used for project prototype. Tarot cards are placed in the center, two papers with an outline of hands are on the side to simulate the interface, and a silver dial/button in the lower center section.

The paper prototype of the Tarot Trunk interface.

The team requests participation from Twitter users worldwide:

1. Follow us! @TarotTweeter

2. Once you see a tweet by @TarotTweeter asking for a fortune, hit the reply button and write a made-up fortune using any or all of the parameters listed.

The fortunes you write may be as humorous, non-nonsensical, or serious as you’d like. Anything goes! As long as you hit the reply button, your tweet will be sourced as a possible fortune to be printed out for a “patron” interacting with our tarot card-reading device in the studio.

Once final projects are complete, the team will document their experience working on this project as well as findings through user testing on this blog.

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