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Type-a-file Launches

MFA candidate Russ Maschmeyer just launched Type-a-file, a website dedicated to CSS style flavors for great typography right out of the box. He talks about the inspiration for the project as thus:

I couldn’t find a simple CSS stylesheet that adhered to best typographic practices that anyone could just grab and run with. Type-a-file was inspired by—and is to be used in addition to—the famous meyerweb reset css file. Type-a-file comes in a few looks or “flavors” to get you started. A few of our flavors make use of Typekit for their special font faces. Most likely you’ll want to tweak these for your own site, but if you don’t, you’ve still got great typography ready to go right out of the box. Easy peas-y.

Go take a look, or share your own flavor.

Screenshot of type-a-file webpage in sea farer, medium.
Screenshot of type-a-file webpage in sea farer, medium.

Type-a-file in Sea Farer, medium.

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