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Video: Dot Dot Dot “The Entrepreneurs”

Videos from our last Dot Dot Dot lecture of the season, “The Entrepreneurs,” are up. Many thanks to our wonderful speakers, Laureen Barber, Robert Fabricant, Jay Parkinson, Doug Powell, and Yancey Strickler as well as Roland Lazarte for filming and everyone who came out. The Dot Dot Dot series will resume in the fall. We look forward to seeing you then!

We really didn’t know where to begin so we began with the product, and we wanted to make sure whatever identity we created…represented the quality and the character of the food. –Laureen Barber So design is an essential ingredient to the work they (entrepreneurs) do, but are designers an essential ingredient? –Robert FabricantI figured that I would design health. I will do my best to design health from not the perspective of any sort of visual thing. I would design the interactions so it would be very pleasant and easy and simple to do. –Jay Parkinson I am passionate about the connection between entrepreneurship and design. I see so much potential for designers to make a massive change in so many complex social problems—and healthcare is just a vast sea of opportunity for designers. –Doug Powell The beautiful thing on Kickstarter—because every person is able to create their own economy and create their own little world—for the first time they are able to really craft things the way they want. –Yancey Strickler

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