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Video: Dot Dot Dot “The Tablet”

Videos from the March Dot Dot Dot lecture, “The Tablet,” are up. Thanks to our speakers, Matt Jacobs, Sophie Kleber, and Alexis Lloyd, as well as Roland Lazarte for filming and everyone who came out. We hope to see you at our next event!

The touch interface is the best at allowing modal dialogs. You can have more data without having to go to a bunch of different sources. You don’t have to sacrifice accessibility for portability. –Matt JacobsYou (publishing) can, with the new device, re-invent your story, you can regain full control of your brand because you’re creating a constrained experience, and with that you regain the authority because your content is back with you—not in a sea of the internet. –Sophie Kleber We need to be designing for context, with an awareness of where our users are and what they are doing. We need to understand what the inherent emotional experience of the device is, and we need to be creating a holistic experience across a multitude of devices users are using. –Alexis Lloyd …Beautiful design, beautiful typography makes digital objects feel more tangible. It makes them feel like they have more value, and emotionally immerses me in the experience. These are things as designers we talk about with our clients, to our employers, all the time, but I think it’s very real. –Alexis Lloyd

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