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Video: Matt Mullenweg Fireside Chat

Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic and WordPress, talks to Chair Liz Danzico about the universals he’s learned in starting WordPress:

A universal I’ve found is that the more I’ve given away, the more I’ve gotten back. A couple of years into WordPress I started thinking, why is this thing working? It’s often more difficult to ascertain elements of why something is successful than why something fails. … What it came down to was the community (and that’s often a misused amorphous word). But in the WordPress community, it meant that there were dozens, then later hundreds of people making every single little piece of it go, and really passionate about the smallest parts of it.

Watch the video for Mullenweg’s insights on design, entrepreneurship, and open source.

Many thanks to Roland Lazarte for terrific video work he did in filming the talk.

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