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Student Internship Project: Walmart Spark Change Platform

Evinn Quinn interned at R/GA this summer, working as an interaction designer apart of the Nike digital sports team, which will continue into the fall. For his internship project, he worked on a team to create The Walmart Spark Change Platform from ideation to presentation.

Walmart Spark Change Platform

Screenshot of Spark Change webpage and smartphone app worked on by IXD student Evinn Quinn during their internship at Walmart.

The Walmart Spark Change Platform’s online and mobile game interface.

The Walmart Spark Change Platform helps leverage Walmart’s scale to help moms make an impact in her local community. It is an online and mobile game that allow users to participate by shopping at Walmart. Users will receive “Spark Points” which can be redeemed and donated online or through the mobile app to local charities and organizations. The accumulation of “Spark Points” results in a sizable donation made to the charities and organizations on Walmart’s behalf. So the more users shop, the more spark points they get. The more spark points they get, the more can be donated, and the more the organizations receive. Spark Change helps mom address what she cares about most, which is her family, and allows her to make a greater impact in her community without any extra effort. Mom can do what she does best, saving money by shopping and help out her local community at the same time. Making the schools that her children go to better, and the parks they visit cleaner. –Evinn Quinn, Summer 2010

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