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Week [1]

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week 1 1

My grad school experience began when we had our orientation on the first week of September. It was an all day experience. I learned more about the program, the people and most importantly my fellow classmates. We all had to present ourselves in a Pecha Kucha (no, it’s not part of the Pokemon clan). It’s a style of presentation where we had 20 seconds for each slide, that played in a continuous motion. I learned that the Class of 2017 is a diverse bunch; in experiences, background, and location. We hail from different parts of the world, places include Colombia, South Korea, India, Canada, Qatar, and a few locals.

My first week of grad school was a good start. It was a mix of classes, talks/lectures and tons of bonding with my classmates over wine. My take away was that things were going to get intense very quickly and not to get accustomed to the free wine. From the classes that I had, I learned different parts of design that I didn’t know much about. I was surprised that in my second day of school, we had a company presentation, and they went ahead and outlined their business strategy and that they were looking to hire SVA students.

My organizing skills have gone from normal to crazy. Seriously… I have a separate notebook for just homework and to-do’s and my calendar is so packed and color coded, that you would think I am a party planner or preparing a NASA flight schedule. I am enthusiastically looking forward for the next 2 years of my life. I am ready for lots of teary calls to my parents, getting overly caffeinated and not knowing what’s happening in the world of Game of Thrones.

Class is in session.

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