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[Week 12] The Google of Thanksgiving

Reblogged from elushika:

Thanksgiving break was short, but needed. The break gave us a bit of breathing room before our finals, which are coming up very soon. Those extra days gave me time to catch up with my friends, for some of my classmates it was exploring this lovely city, extra time to spend with loved ones, binge watch some Netflix and more importantly we all stuffed our faces with food.

I have never had the pressure to host thanksgiving (and I am thankful for that) and since I am back in school, I do not have time. There is a lot of planning that takes place when hosting a thanksgiving dinner. One of my friends asked me “What would I do if I were to host thanksgiving?” After a bit of anxiety my response was, “I will start by getting a turkey, learn how to cook a turkey, figure out the stuff in stuffings and lastly, how much is chef? And it seems I was not the only one asking these questions. I came across some interesting data and trends about Thanksgiving.

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