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Workshop: Designing Work Worth Doing, with Lauralee Alben and Marc Rettig

How do your deepest passions meet the world’s urgent needs? Are the projects, initiatives, and business you go about every day designed to achieve the greatest impact? Join Lauralee Alben and Marc Rettig to learn how design thinking and techniques can clarify what “meaningful work” means to you. Work worth doing expresses your calling and produces sea changes: positive, profound, and lasting transformations. Greater productivity, prosperity and creativity result.

Led by Lauralee Alben, Alben Design LLC and Marc Rettig, Fit AssociatesSeptember 18-20, 2009
School of Visual Arts
Interaction Design Department
New York City

Early registration discount before August 21: $995

For general questions regarding the workshop, please contact Marc Rettig by or phone at 412-441-3818.


What to expect
In this three-day workshop, you’ll experience the Sea Change Design Process, which has been used to ignite creativity at Intel, Procter & Gamble, Sun, startups, and small and medium-sized companies. The workshop is a combination of lectures, visualizations, writing, and storytelling. It will mix personal reflection and creative activities in an interactive, design studio format, so come prepared to create and communicate!

Who should attend?
Emerging and active leaders. Those who want to enhance their own personal creativity. Business executives who know creativity is the lifeblood of all organizations. Consultants and entrepreneurs. Colleagues and partners who want to explore their work together.

What you will gain:

  • Access to or a deepening of your own creative flow
  • Insights into what is profound and meaningful in your work and the world
  • Answers to what sources your creative inspiration, acts, and commitments
  • Experience with powerful design tools, like RipplingSM, which maps the ripple effect of your work on customers, stakeholders, society, and the planet
  • A creative network of leaders focused on shared interests
  • A plan for your first steps in carrying out your calling

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