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WristGuard Wins the 2016 IxDA Student Design Challenge

Congratulations to Song Lee and Kohzy Koh on winning the 2016 IxDA Student Design Challenge!

Students from all around the world competed in the challenge designing in response to the brief: The Future We Deserve. 66 entries from more than 100 students, representing 13 countries, were reviewed by a jury of 12 accomplished designers and design educators, themselves representing 6 countries.

The winning project focuses itself on protecting sanitation workers, who have one of the highest fatality rates in America, from the risk of getting hit by impatient drivers. A key reason for this problem is that workers become “numb” to hazards because they are immersed in the danger every day. Kohzy and Song created WristGuard, a smart glove that alerts workers in real time about oncoming vehicles. It is paired with a tracking system in the garbage truck that monitors oncoming traffic.

“As we think about the ‘future we deserve’, it is important to us that we remember the invisible people that keep public services running, and we design the future that they too deserve.”

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