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Stories From The Field: How Designers Shape the Building of New Businesses at BCG Digital Ventures

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Please note that the Fall 2020 Lecture Series is open to current interaction design students, alumni, and faculty only. 

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Digital Ventures is a corporate investment and incubation firm that works with the world’s leading firms to launch game-changing businesses. Through the company’s 120+ venture launches, design has played an integral role in conceptualizing, building, and ensuring successful market adoption. In their talk, Mariana Consuegra and Ian O’Donnell will share four personas to help guide thinking about design’s role in venture building through first-hand stories of their experiences in the field.


Mariana Consuegra

Mariana is a Product Designer and Strategist with over five years of experience. At BCG Digital Ventures she builds new businesses for large corporations from idea to launch. Her portfolio of projects spans different industries such as pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, travel, and logistics.

Prior to joining BCG Digital Ventures, Mariana worked as an Experience Designer at Comcast.

Ian O’Donnell 

Ian serves as a Strategic Design Director at BCG Digital Ventures, where he has lead new business launches for clients in the industrial goods, energy, and financial services sectors. He had the opportunity to run the company’s first-ever design sprint within the United States Federal Government.

Prior to joining the firm, he spent eight years applying qualitative, quantitative, and human-centered research to the design of transformational products and services for multiple Fortune 500 companies.