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The Fall 2020 Lecture Series is open to current interaction design students, alumni, and faculty only. Please stay tuned for highlights after the program. 

Why is it important for designers of today to focus on complete ecosystems and  to design products, services, and experiences that touch upon the system as a whole? This conversation will include a discussion of the circular economy, diversity and inclusion, equitable design, and understanding unintended consequences of design decisions.

Vineet Gupta is the founder of, a boutique design studio in Seattle. Former positions include Design Partner at RoundGlass, Associate Vice President at Edifecs, and Lead Designer at Microsoft.

Vineet is a design leader with extensive experience in design leadership and building high impact and meaningful web and mobile products and services. He possesses an entrepreneurial mindset and has a strong track record of building stellar teams, envisioning successful design strategies, crafting next-generation experiences, and delivering measurable business results.

Learn more about Vineet on Linkedin.