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We shape the world through the products, services, and interactions we design. Now more than ever it’s imperative that we understand how our work interacts and shapes the world.

With this understanding designers can actively play a positive and influential role towards a more sustainable future that creates a deeper and more authentic and empowering human connections, and relationships that empower and distribute equitable participation. Our approach to community, which harnesses the tools of design thinking, place-making, is one informed by people, place and value. We call this Community Built Futures.

Join Community Canvas co-founder and systems-change designer (formerly NYTimes and Google) Sascha Mombartz and Good Work Work Institute co-founder, Transition Design doctorate candidate, and community builder (formerly and Accion) Erica Dorn, as they share how design can foster deeper and more authentic human connection, through which resilient and equitable communities are built and living futures are made possible.