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Design as a Liberatory Practice with Tania Anaissie

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Online, Zoom Event

Please note that the Fall 2021 Workshop Series is open to current interaction design students only. 

Join us for an interactive workshop with Liberatory Design co-creator and Beytna Design founder Tania Anaissie where you will, in groups, dissect the human-centered design process to identify what elements support change towards liberation and which create harm. You will then explore alternatives of how to shift your practice and the field at large. Tania will also share her journey from being a design student with questions to co-creating and evolving Liberatory Design.

Tania is a Founding Creator of Liberatory Design, a new practice of human-centered design that incorporates complexity theory and equity practice to drive innovation towards liberation.

Tania is also a Founding Member of the Equity Design Collaborative, a group of leaders building the Equity Design field. She is Faculty at The National Equity Project and a Lecturer at the Stanford University As the Course Production Lead at the, Tania was a co-creator of the Stanford 2025 project, managed three faculty and student programs, and served on the Teaching and Learning team, evolving the’s renowned pedagogy.

She is an expert workshop designer and facilitator with over a decade of experience leading learning experiences in 12 countries for over 30 different clients and over 1500 learners. Tania is a graduate of Stanford University’s Product Design program, an advisor in Stanford’s Design Impact program, and a StartingBloc fellow.