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The Fall 2020 Lecture Series is open to current interaction design students, alumni, and faculty only. The full recording will be shared with the general public after the event.

In a workplace setting, designers rarely work in silos. Rather, designers work together with various stakeholders such as software engineers and product managers to build products and services. Join us to learn more about how Designers and Product Managers work together at LinkedIn! This talk will cover an overview of what product managers do, how designers and product managers overlap, and tips on how to work together.


Antonio Song
Associate User Experience Designer @LinkedIn

Antonio is an Associate UX Designer at LinkedIn based in NYC. He’s currently designing for the LinkedIn News experience, ensuring that LinkedIn members are exposed to quality news coming from the LinkedIn editorial team. Previously he has interned at LinkedIn SF, PayPal and Venmo. He has a B.S. in Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kristine Yuen
Design Manager @LinkedIn

Kristine is a Design Manager at LinkedIn and has been at the company for 3+ years. She currently is managing a team of designers working on the Pages product, which enables organizations to create an online presence on LinkedIn. Previously, she worked as a consultant at Deloitte Consulting for 5+ years doing technology implementations. She has a Masters of Interaction Design at CCA and a Bachelors of Business from the University of Notre Dame.

Kevin Arcara
Senior User Experience Designer @LinkedIn

Kevin is a Senior UX Designer at LinkedIn based in NYC. He has 6+ years of experience working as a UX Designer at past companies such as Google and at various startups. He currently works on leading the experience for LinkedIn Live, which is a new video broadcast experience for users who want to watch livestreams from content creators. He has a BFA in Computer Animation and Interactive Media from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Jae Oh
Principal Product Manager @LinkedIn

Jae is a Principal Product Manager at LinkedIn. He has 7+ years of experience working as a PM at various companies such as Google before joining LinkedIn. He leads a cross-functional team working on Audiences under the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions product, which enables customers to find and connect with members through the ads platform. He previously pivoted from healthcare and was a clinical researcher in his past. He studied Biophysics, Physiology, Public Health, and Molecular Biology at Georgetown, Harvard, and UCLA.