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Unlocking the Business Value of Design

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The Fall 2020 Lecture Series is open to current interaction design students, alumni, and faculty only. 

Designers intuitively know that good design is good for business, but for years it’s been difficult to prove, let alone measure. McKinsey & Company’s “The Business Value of Design” is the culmination of the most extensive and rigorous research undertaken on the subject, and identifies how specific design actions impact financial performance. Surveying 300 publicly listed companies across the globe, the consulting firm has synthesized key design actions in a report to help users reap the value of design.

Ruth Tupe is an Associate Design Director at McKinsey & Company and a graduate of the Class of 2017. She has extensive experience working in startups, non-profits, and in enterprise, which has led to a broad portfolio of projects — including an Internet of Things (IoT) product launch, an immersive website on criminal justice reform, and an enterprise platform to improve organizational data quality.

As an educator, Ruth spearheaded a digital product bootcamp across Canada and was an instructor at the UX Institute. She is actively involved in the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), and currently serves as its Director of Communications for the Awards Committee.