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Using Storytelling to Land your Dream Job with Aleenah Ansari

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Online, Zoom Event

Please note that the Fall 2021 Workshop Series is open to current interaction design students only. 

So you’ve found a role or company you’re excited about, but how will you stand out? This workshop is the job search guide you’ve been looking for, and we’ll talk about how to find roles that align with your goals and interests, and ensure that you can communicate the value and impact of your work.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:

⭐ How to job find job opportunities that align with your interests and skills

⭐ How to go beyond the STAR method to communicate how you approach your work, and connect it back to the roles, projects, and opportunities you want

⭐ When to send that follow-up email

⭐ How to stay in touch with hiring managers and decision-makers by building authentic relationships


Aleenah Ansari (she/her) is a storyteller, no matter the context or medium. As a writer and video producer for Microsoft Inside Track, she creates blogs and videos about the experts who build, deploy, and manage the tools used by 165,000+ employees at Microsoft. Her writing has also been featured in GLAAD, Kulfi, CNBC, The Seattle Times and more. Outside of her day job, you can find her helping early-in-career professionals and entrepreneurs feel more confident telling stories about their identity and work, dreaming of becoming a creative director at Spotify, and searching for new murals to visit. Learn more at