Parentheses Lecture Series: Storytelling


February 22, 2018
6:00pm – 8:00pm


MFA Interaction Design
136 W 21st St
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

Please join us for the second part of Parentheses, our spring panel series, as we bring together practitioners from varying creative fields to expand our understanding of what it means to practice the design of interactive experiences. This month, our theme is Storytelling. Our February discussion will explore how creative professionals use stories, both their own and those of others, to influence the creation of experiences. Our panel will include a range of professionals from leaders in UX and design, to professionals in creative arts therapy, writing, and technology.

Tomer Sharon, Cofounder & CEO at nxt and author of Validating Product Ideas
Maria Hodermarska, Clinical Assistant Professor, Drama Therapy, NYU
Katy Newton, Experience Designer, Emerging Tech, AR/VR/MR
Frank Chimero, Designer, Writer, and Illustrator
Pedro Sanches, Graphic Designer and Creative Technologist

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