Transformational Design: A New Operational Framework and Model for Experience Design


November 19, 2014
6:30pm – 9:00pm


MFA Interaction Design
136 West 21 Street
Third Floor
New York, NY 10011

A paradigm shift is taking place in front of our eyes. After the initial hype over the digital revolution, people are realizing that technologies are changing their lives exponentially without necessarily improving the way they live: design is not about the technology but rather human experience and cultural transformation.

But how can we design for human experience, which neither can be captured nor specified and will itself be transformed by the very processes and products of design?

In his talk, Daniel Rosenberg proposes a radical new approach to “experience design”, called Transformational Design—a collective and operational framework and model that allows designers to bring forth new experiences for themselves and for others in explicit and reflective ways. This model combines Mindful Awareness practices (Vipassana) with hands-on and improvisational design techniques (using Physical Computing).  In the talk, Daniel describes his model and presents the results of 14 workshops, where participants play as users and designers, exchange expressions of their experiences, and respond by putting together electronic/digital materials for one another.

With Transformational Design, designers design with human experience as their design subject; bring about truly new products through experiences never lived before, and reflect about their own and other’s transformations resulting from their designs.

Daniel Rosenberg is an architect, designer, and researcher with a fresh vision of how to expand the current dialogue about technology and creativity, by tapping the basic and profound “feelings and doings” that constitute the human experience.
Daniel is currently completing his PhD at the MIT Design & Computation Group, and he is a collaborator at Matriztica and professor of Innovation at the Catholic University of Chile. He has shown his work in Chile, Israel, Canada, India, Mexico, Colombia, and the US, including SXSW 2013 and 2014, MIT, Columbia University, and Disney Animation Studios.

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