Outside the SVA IXD Studio

Why Designers Practice Social Innovation


September 28, 2016
12:00am – 12:00am


1111 North Capitol, NE
Washington, DC 07302

There are many ways to get to the same place. Building a career is rarely a straight line between A and B, but rather a circuitous path. We try to make sense of roles and titles as we move from one role to the next, all the while trying to do work that matters. Some get to do work that effects deep impact on the world; more still are trying to find that work. But we all aim to do work we love, most of us stumbling upon it in the end — a combination of magnetic force, will and luck.

In that spirit, NPR Digital Media is convening a conversation on September 28 at our DC headquarters with a remarkable group who are not only doing impactful work but have traversed a serendipitous path to get there. It’s important to Digital Media to foster these kinds of conversations, as career paths in digital fields are evolving and new roles emerging. No longer are we designing a thing — website, app, service, button—designers are taking on complex and systemic challenges, imagining systems that have the capacity to enhance and transform everyday life.

The talk is inspired by a book Liz Danzico recently helped edit, LEAP: Career Pathways in Social Innovation, that addresses this transition through conversations, case studies, examples and more — a handbook for social impact design stories through a global lens.

Doing work that has impact (often called “social impact design” or “social innovation”) can be a challenge. Why and how do people choose this field, or does it choose them? How can designers pursue new career pathways in social impact design? What is needed to support the new practices in organizations? And why now?

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