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Karen Ingram


Karen Ingram is a creative director with a focus on biotechnology. She runs a NY-based consultancy with clients ranging from education to startups to a water utility.

She is a co-author of BioBuilder: Synthetic Biology in the Lab, recognized as a universal reference for synbio. As an Emerging Technology Fellow at Stanford’s, Ingram contributes to REP, a K-12 magazine whose mission is to drive equity in tech design. She’s an affiliate with Bio.Polis (Bio Policy & Leadership in Society, Stanford Department of Bioengineering), supporting projects that guide biological innovation in the public interest. As part of the founding team of the Empiricist League, described by FiveThirtyEight as “ad-hoc, small-scale TED Talks for scientists and the New Yorkers who adore them,” Ingram helped it grow into a recognized name. She led sessions on creative strategy for NYU’s graduate program on “Entrepreneurial Journalism” and is an instructor for Genspace’s “Synbio for Creatives.” As a SynbioLEAP fellow, Ingram worked with a bioethicist to create “Fallacy Bingo,” a game for identifying fallacies. Ingram was also a Simons Foundation Science Sandbox/New Lab Fellow.

Ingram lives in the Rockaways where she surfs and engages in community efforts around water safety and shoreline preservation.


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