MFA Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a map is worth a million.


Contextus is an iPad app that gives people the tools to discover information within the context of place and time, visualizing knowledge through a geographic lens.

When a significant number of Americans cannot locate New York City on a U.S. map or name the country that borders us to the south, there's a big problem. And this problem will leave us unprepared for an increasingly competitive and global future. Contextus is an iPad app that explores the world through a spatial lens and shows that geography is much more than just points on a map. Geography is history, its politics, its economics, its dozens of other interconnected fields of study. Contextus gives people the tools to see these connections and find answers to their questions for themselves, which makes for a more active, engaging and fun learning experience. By providing more insight to an answer rather than just hard facts, the user is learning through the medium, not just the message.

Geography is a soft science, subjective and open to interpretation. Contextus celebrates that and creates a forum for people to engage in healthy debate and intelligent discussion.