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The best internships are mutually beneficial to an employer and a student. With some planning, you can make the months you work together the most effective and meaningful. For an internship to be meaningful for your company and the student you may hire, consider having the following in place:

  • Provide a leader. You should provide a designated creative mentor or creative director who can give counsel and professional guidance to the intern.
  • Make it tangible. The intern’s responsibilities should be in line with your organization’s vision, and therefore, he or she should be able to participate in a valuable and creative way toward your goals.
  • Set the environment. The intern should be given a hands-on learning environment where he or she can interact with staff and clients on a regular basis.
  • Assign projects. The intern is coming from a high-paced environment with a high degree of professional experience already. He or she is expecting to be challenged creatively and strategically, and this opportunity provides you with the opportunity to gain a new perspective.


Why do students seek an internship?

Students want to apply what they’re learning in the classroom and gain practical work experience and extend learning in a particular field. Many hope to advance the relationship beyond that of the internship.

Why do employers seek interns?

Interns in interaction design bring new methods, technologies, and approaches from the experimental classroom to the practical field. They’re highly adaptable and collaborative. An intern can bring support to your team in short- to medium-sized projects where it otherwise wouldn’t be wise to divert your resources. The program is a rich recruiting tool, and a cost-efficient one as well. The interns are highly career-oriented and focused make invaluable and dependable candidates for employment.

We send out intern opportunities via email weekly. Interested students will reach out to employers directly. We only share paid internships. Employers should evaluate student resumes and/or portfolios and interview students to ensure their viable candidacy for the position.