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Partner Projects

Freshkills Park

The Parks Department came to MFA Interaction Design to help tell the story of the Freshkills Park in Staten Island to its visitors. Section Story is an interactive exhibition that…Read More


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Students were tasked with researching and analyzing the causes and impacts of delays for A-Division trains in the subway system during 2011-2013 Monday morning rush hours. Their findings and analysis…Read More

National Public Radio (NPR)

National Public Radio (NPR) is facing the challenge many organizations are today: how to reach younger audiences. After hearing a briefing from NPR’s head of research on an ethnographic study…Read More

New York Public Library

This design research project aimed at identifying strengths and weakness of the current library ecosystem and earmarked opportunities for improvement, as imagined through a video user journey. Employing a variety of…Read More


MFA Interaction Design and Nike collaborated on infographic and data visualisation projects featuring Nike+ popular run tracking data. Faculty asked students to wade through a massive, 500,000-point-plus data set about folks…Read More

NYC Bike Share

NYC Bike Share, better known as the parent company of New York’s Citi Bike approached the Design in Public Spaces class to increase ridership amongst casual users, specifically at first-time…Read More

Philip Johnson Glass House

MFA Interaction Design and the Glass House collaborated a project called “Continuing the Conversation” to create with the goal of creating a "Continuing the Conversation" website, featuring content documenting and…Read More