Adjoa Opoku

Class of 2012


Adjoa is a graphic designer born and raised in Chicago. Trained in communications design with a BFA from Syracuse University, Adjoa has a very diverse design background. She has gained experience at an advertising agency, international architecture firm, innovation consultancy and boutique interactive shop—all at the age of 23.

Now at the MFA Interaction Design program, she wants to continue her artistic journey and delve deeper into the many facets of design, exploring its place in our culture and its potential for impactful change. Adjoa sees design as both a powerful tool for connection and as a form of personal artistic expression. She wants to explore what happens when the practical and conceptual meet, and how these discoveries could vastly improve the world we live in.

Adjoa is passionate about many things: smoothies, incense, watercolors, leopard print, but most importantly, solving a challenging problem.

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