Michael Yap

Class of 2012


Michael has held design positions within architectural and interactive firms. He founded his practice — exoatmospheric — in 2006. Since then, Michael has provided design services for brand and identity, print, and the Web to clients such as The Smithsonian, The Ford Foundation, and Adobe.

In 2009, Michael began teaching print and Web design at the California College of the Arts (CCA), where his desire to inhabit design as an experimental practice was shaped by the collaborations, knowledge, methods, and experiences he shared with students and faculty alike.

From a professional and teaching practice characterized by breadth, Michael has shifted his focus to depth in graduate school — diving into the future of interactions and design. Immersed in the ambition and rigor of the MFA in Interaction Design program, he has reinvigorated his aesthetic sensibilities and devotion to craft, enhanced his pedagogy, but most importantly, become a prolific creator of highly-personal and experimental content.

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