Sera Koo

Class of 2012


Sera joins MFA Interaction Design from Los Angeles, California, where she most recently worked as the lead user experience designer at Civic Resource Group. At CRG, her responsibilities included design and implementation, where she molded creative design, interactive communications, and digital content into comprehensive products and applications for the public sector.

Ironically, Sera’s venture into interaction design happened by accident. Formerly embedded in the nonprofits and arts education, Sera joined CRG to help manage, the official arts and culture calendar for the City of Los Angeles. After several months, she began to make the shift into design in the digital world, realizing its potential in shaping human connection. In retrospect, Sera thinks her affinity for interaction design was always present, starting with sketching circule node graphs as a child, over and over and over…

Prior to CRG, Sera graduated with honors from Wellesley College with a degree in Fine Arts. As a Studio Art major, she dabbled with using art as a platform to achieving tangible reconciliation for existing problems. Now as a designer, she hopes to continue this ongoing theme and use design as a means of affecting meaningful experiences.

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