Tash Wong

Class of 2013


Tash starting dabbling in the web when she was in 7th grade, living in Hawaii. Back then things like flashing text and web rings were really cool. Over time her attentions shifted to visual design and architecture and by 2005 she had completed a bit of study in visual communications and held a BDes in Spatial Design.

Just after completing her degree, in Wellington, New Zealand, she began work with a local PR firm. One day she came to work and was surprised by the news that she’d be on a plane to their NYC office that night. Five years later she’s spent a bit of time in PR and a couple of years in architecture. Now, working as a User Interface Developer, everything has come full circle.

Throughout all of her work she’s been interested in how we all come together to create society and culture, and how this society turns around and shapes us. It is endlessly fascinating. Through participation in the MFA Interaction Design program she hopes to be able to take some time to understand how this type of social production is shaping our digital reality as well as ourselves.

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