Tom Harman

Class of 2013


Tom Harman is a British designer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Tom started designing out of necessity in 2003 when the band he was playing in needed flyers for shows. In 2005, while living in the small English town of Exeter, a lucky break allowed him to spend his days creating websites for local businesses, while his evenings focused on a nourishing education in DIY punk-rock. After realizing his passion lay at the intersection of ideas, craft and people he moved to London to design digital things for big-name clients.

After joining Mint Digital in 2007, Tom evolved in an environment focused toward innovation in the social web and mobile applications. During this time he delivered Interface Design, Visual Identity and User Experience for TV broadcasters and international brands such as Channel 4, BBC, ABC Family, River Island and Benetton. His most recent role as Design Director finds him leading a team of four designers split across two continents.

Believing great execution results from broad experience across the design spectrum, Tom sees interaction being the thread that connects these dots.

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