Tony Chu

Class of 2013


Tony is a technologist of mixed heritages. He’s a Canadian born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, and now studying in New York City. His bachelor degree is in Cognitive Systems (psychology and artificial intelligence focused), but these days he does mostly interface design and application development. In his past life he spent his days working at the University of British Columbia, building websites for higher education. At night he works for Financial Literacy for Youth, a little non-profit between him and his friends, dedicated to financial education for young people.

Tony believes design (and any work, really) should serve a purpose, and the purpose he is most passionate about is education. His goal is to spend his days working with educators to make education delightful. He is at SVA to learn about the design and research process involved in building engaging experience, so he could bring it back to his teacher, doctor and accountant friends with whom he builds educational projects.

Tony thinks in English, counts in Chinese, programs in Javascript, and designs in Photoshop.

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