Ashley Marie Quinn

Class of 2014


Growing up in Miami, Ashley was influenced by the playful architecture and bright colors that filled her visual landscape. These influences pushed her to pursue an education in interior design at Drexel University. After college she moved to Los Angeles to work for an architecture firm. While there she spent her weekends wandering the West coast, exploring and adventuring.

Ashley realized she had a passion for spaces enjoyed by the public. Not just enjoying the space with everyone else, which she truly does, but also designing these spaces and interactions.

A switch in careers and coasts in 2009 brought her to Brooklyn where she launched her own design studio, creating web experiences for clients and start-ups. The idea that her designs, utilized by hundreds if not thousands of people around the world, brought on another type of revelation. If Ashley can design experiences on the web that anyone can use and she can also design a building or space that anyone can use, maybe there is a way she can do these things together.

Which brings her to now. Her goal as a student of the MFA Interaction Design program is to better understand human-computer interaction and to relate that to the physical world. To learn how to create systems that will bring people away from their screens and outside into a world of play and adventure.

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