Minsun Mini Kim

Class of 2014


Minsun (Mini) is a curious learner, always looking for something new to try. Though she was a visual thinker since a young age, she did not want to study only art and was curious about other studies as well. Her interest in business, psychology and technology drove her to study Visual Communications at Washington University in St. Louis.

After graduating, Mini moved to NYC where she worked for a branding agency, an in-house fashion marketing team, a information design agency, an in-house web design team and an internal research and development team. Her diverse experiences have made her into a well-rounded designer that can take on any challenge. She enjoys discovering relationships between different data sets and analyzing how they can be simplified to tell a compelling story. She aspires to effectively use data sets to shed light on problems in society that personally matter to her.

In her free time, Mini likes to create information graphics about everyday objects around her. When she is not working on design related projects, you can find her spending time with her dog in Central Park or attending classes and lectures in NYC. She hopes to continue her lifelong pursuit of learning and meeting other passionate designers like herself.

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