Steve Faletti

Class of 2014


Steve Faletti comes to IxD from a career in industrial design/engineering and a lifetime of making things. He grew up building cars, but his first paying design job focused on cosmetic applicators. He knows entirely too much about mascara brushes. Beyond makeup, he has worked on medical devices, consumer products, and packaging projects. He also teaches in the Industrial Design department at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He is happy to know how things work but hopes to understand more about how people live with and use them. Steve believes good design, whether applied to a physical product, a software interface, or an intangible service, must be rooted in a deep understanding of user context. He hopes he has amassed enough arbitrary knowledge over the years to start developing that understanding.

When given no other direction Steve tends to make lights, or dinner. He grew up in New Jersey and lives in Brooklyn.

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