Melody Quintana

Class of 2015


Melody is curious about a great many things. She comes to design by way of words, previously working as a writer and content strategist at Facebook. There, she used language to structure and shape experiences for over a billion people around the world. She holds a degree in Comparative Literature and Society from Columbia University. Her interdisciplinary soul was delighted by everything from cultural anthropology to magical realism.

Melody thinks in patterns and pictures. Nothing is more pleasing than organizing chaos into simplicity. She’s fascinated by the alchemy of words and visuals working together to create something bigger. Growing up in New Jersey, she used to write, illustrate and bind homemade stories in her free time.

After five wonderfully sunny years living in San Francisco, Melody is excited to rediscover New York City. She’s missed the pizza. Other yay-worthy things she’s looking forward to: expanding her creative practice, meeting likeminded people, and making cool stuff.

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