Sam Carmichael

Class of 2015


Born and raised in Vermont, Sam was exposed to design at an early age through his mother’s work as a book designer. He studied Post-colonial literature and writing at Brown University and then moved to Boston for its fertile live music scene and temperate climate.

In Boston, Sam found a job in Content Strategy with Vistaprint and worked closely with the in-house creative team there for two years, and then transferred to the Barcelona office. For the past three years he’s been working on the User Experience team in Spain, and for the last year he’s divided his time working for Albelli photo books in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

After more than five years in a business setting, Sam hopes to gain a foundation in the principles and skills that underpin the discipline of Interaction Design. He’s excited to embrace a future in which innovative, customer-focused design is not stifled by bureaucracy, but is instead seen as the cornerstone of all products, online and off.

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