Sam Wander

Class of 2015


Sam Wander is a Product Designer at Facebook in Menlo Park. Working at unprecedented scale with an audience of over 2 billion people, he leads projects for the News Feed design team. As part of his role he also mentors other designers, and helps support the global Facebook design community now spanning more than 5 offices.

An alumnus of SVA’s Interaction Design MFA, he also co-runs Game of Phones – a retail startup for the eponymous game he co-created during the program in 2014 with classmate Luke Stern. The game was developed as a way to remove some of the obstacles smartphones bring to social situations, helping people forge closer relationships. Following its successful launch on Kickstarter the game has gone on to be sold in retail stores nationwide, featured on TV, and even given shoutouts by two different members of the Saved by the Bell cast.

Before studying at SVA, Sam worked at various digital agencies in the UK as a hybrid user experience designer and producer. He came to technology after studying philosophy at the University of Sussex, a background which continues to inform his approach to ethics, strategy and problem-solving.

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