Sneha Pai

Class of 2015


Sneha Pai is an animator and designer from Washington D.C., by way of Mumbai, India, and Cupertino, California.

When deciding on career paths as a teenager, she was torn between pursuing medicine and the visual arts. Luckily, after studying Experimental Animation at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and working as a medical animator at the Simulation and Training Environment Lab (SiTEL) at MedStar Health in Washington D.C, everything came full circle. As part of an interdisciplinary team of artists, programmers, game designers, and medical professionals, she has created interactive graphics and animations for various technologies including 3D medical anatomy simulators, device trainers, and scenario-based clinical modules that enable physicians and residents to practice a wide variety of procedures in a virtual game environment. She has also taught undergraduate courses in traditional and digital animation at MICA in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sneha’s interests are in enhancing learning and development for all ages through the use of interactivity and storytelling. She comes to SVA to investigate and understand users and their complex interactions and experiences in the healthcare setting and beyond.

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