Sunnie Sang

Class of 2015


Sunnie is an interaction designer in Guangzhou, China. In 2011, after receiving her BA degree in Digital Arts at Sun Yat-Sen University, Sunnie started her career as an interaction designer in a local tech startup, in charge of online trading software design and websites experience improvement. Meanwhile, she volunteered her spare time to design promotion items and iOS app for a children’s science podcast website.

Sunnie’s prior experiences aspired her passion in creating novel interactive experiences with new technology and to sparkle people’s imagination with innovative products. By joining MFA Interaction Design, she hopes to reach a higher level of proficiency and step closer to her dream of starting a design studio.

When she’s not staring at the pixels on screens, Sunnie always immerses herself in electronic music, fashion and reading. She is also an avid traveller who enjoys gaining new perspective for life. Most currently, reading Zen stories and practicing Chinese calligraphy bring her inner peace and happiness. She will be very pleased if you could join her.

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