Anupma Rajani

Class of 2016


Anupma Rajani believes that the most amazing products are not just simple and intuitive, but have an unprecedented connection with people and their emotions. It’s the simplicity, the experience, and the story that these products convey that connects them to our senses and leave an emotional impact.

Growing up as a doctor’s child, Anupma often heard how her dad was considered the hope of his patients against all ailments. He, for them, was their problem solver. Well, Anupma didn’t grow up to be a doctor but the zeal to touch people’s lives, bring them joy, and enrich their experiences lingered on. It was in high school that she got acquainted with the field of design, which made her realize that she could translate art into a tangible form that could connect with human lives. Her undergrad education in product design further strengthened her foundation. Having worked on products and services for varied socio-cultural groups in a design studio as well as corporate, she has gained substantial experience on various facets of product development.

In her graduate education she looks forward to going deeper into her passion of bridging technology and human connections through design thinking. She hopes to take the program as a platform to shape herself as a design thinker and pursue her aspiration to dive into the world of entrepreneurship.

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