Datrianna Meeks

Class of 2016


Originally from Chicago, Datrianna Meeks is a creative spirit with a business mind in search of the perfect balance. After receiving her B.B.A. in Marketing from Howard University in Washington, D.C., she worked as a Federal consultant for Deloitte Consulting, where she was introduced to user experience design. After supporting the United States Postal Service’s retail software redesign, Datrianna knew that she wanted to focus on delighting users via UX design. She enrolled in a part-time UX course at General Assembly, where she was inspired to get more involved in the UX community and to pursue SVA IXD. She embraced the fact that design, technology, and business are at the core of who she is and realized that the three facets, together, allow her to do what she is passionate about; tackle problems and deliver meaningful solutions.

Datrianna finds the most inspiration in observing and interacting with children. She finds beauty in their candid, playful, and genuine nature; all characteristics she seeks to bring to the forefront of the human experience. Ultimately, Datrianna is at SVA to learn from people who are doing the things that excite her, to collaborate with a diverse group of peers, and to challenge herself to face her fears and embrace who she truly is—a creative strategist; thinker, maker, and multipotentialite. If you only remember one thing about her, know that she’ll learn anything once.

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