Josh Sucher

Class of 2016


Josh Sucher is an interaction designer born and raised in Brooklyn. Before joining SVA's IxD program, he studied anthropology at Bard College, where he explored the nation-state-hacking ideology baked into One Laptop Per Child’s "$100 laptop.” He is a member of the New York State Bar, having graduated from Brooklyn Law School, where he focused on media and intellectual property law (and maritime law, but that's neither here nor there). Josh also founded Block Factory, a boutique tech consulting firm, which offers IT solutions and A/V installations for NYC art galleries, films, and other creative professionals.

In his time at Block Factory, Josh learned first-hand how poor design can short-circuit even the most technologically-proficient users, and how frequently these users internalize the flaws of the tools they use. Having devised enough clever workarounds over the years, Josh is thrilled to finally get to the root of the problem by designing tools that work for humans, rather than thwart them.

Josh likes musicals, hardware stores, and geopolitical oddities.

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